Member Benefits

Association Office

The WCBA office is located in the Washtenaw County Circuit Court, 101 E. Huron, Suite 1111, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48104.


The WCBA has 14 committees in which you may become involved. A few of the committees are Bias Awareness, Golf Outing, and Public Service.

Continuing Legal Education

Seminars on substantive law areas and practice skills are sponsored each year covering a range of timely topics. WCBA members receive substantial discounts on these seminars. Materials accompany each seminar.

Copying, Printing, and Faxing Services — FREE to WCBA Members

WCBA members may use WCBA equipment, free of charge, to make copies, print documents, and send or receive faxes. (The cost for non-members is $2 per page.)

Inclusion in our Online Directory

WCBA members are listed on our website in our Member Directory. This member directory is available to the general public.

Law Library with Computers

The County Law Library is located within the WCBA office. A WCBA committee strives to make the library helpful to practitioners and others. There are two computers located in the library from which you may access Westlaw. You may also access Michigan Statutes, Child Support and Alimony Calculations (through MarginSoft), and the internet. The computers may also be used to make last minute changes to orders.

Law Sections

Sections increase member knowledge through information sharing and informal educational programs. There are 16 sections open to all members. See the list of sections as well as our section chairs’ names and contact information.

Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS)

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service serves both the public and WCBA members and is designed to assist people first in determining the need for a lawyer, and then in referring them to attorneys who can handle the problems they are facing. By answering a growing public need, LRIS panelists help enhance the image of attorneys, and referrals sometimes result in ongoing lawyer-client relationships.

Membership Meetings

Dinner meetings and other social functions are held six or seven times a year. These provide opportunities for attorneys to meet in relaxed and informal settings while networking, fostering relationships, and learning about various topics.

New Lawyers

The New Lawyers Section is an active group of WCBA members dedicated to bridging the gap between school and practice. All WCBA members in practice less than ten years are automatically members of the New Lawyers Section. New lawyers as well as seasoned practitioners benefit from a variety of programs.

Notary Public — FREE to WCBA Members

Our Executive Director is a Notary Public who notarizes documents for our members.

Public Service Opportunities

Our Public Service Committee provides many opportunities to give back to the community. One annual event is Constitution Day. In celebration of Constitution Day, some of our attorneys volunteer to spend time with local youth doing law-related activities.

Res Ipsa Loquitur and Washtenaw County Legal News — FREE to WCBA Members

The Res Ipsa Loquitur is a bi-monthly magazine published by and for WCBA members, and the Washtenaw County Legal News is a weekly publication. These publications offer substantive articles on legal issues, helpful practice pointers, reports on association activities, plus notification of workshops and upcoming events.

Membership Benefits

Members of the WCBA enjoy enhanced local – and far-reaching – networking opportunities. There are a wide range of benefits.

Discounts on CLE

As a member, you’ll not only gain access to wide-ranging continuing legal education (CLE) but will also benefit from significant discounts – while meeting your professional requirements and expanding your knowledge base.

Free Copying, Printing, Faxing, and Notary Services

Important Legal Content

WCBA members have access to important legal content at their fingertips. The County Law Library is located in the WCBA office and provides access to all the following:

You’ll also gain access to our practice sections, which offers informal educational programs and information sharing in in the following areas:

  • ADR
  • Intellectual Property
  • Bankruptcy
  • Juvenile Law
  • Business & Tax
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Criminal law
  • Labor & Employment
  • Estate Planning, Probate & Trusts
  • Real Estate & Environmental
  • Family
  • Solo and Small Firm Practice
  • Federal Practice
  • Trial Practice
  • Immigration
Committee Membership

We have 12 diverse committees that focus on professional development, community service, and camaraderie, including:

  • Bias Awareness
  • Library
  • Community Liaison
  • Public Service and Pro Bono
  • Golf Outing
  • Trivia Night
  • Judiciary
Member Directory

With membership comes inclusion in our WCBA Member Directory, which is an online database available to the public. Many prospective clients utilize our directory in their search for representation.

Lawyer Referral & Information Services

Our Lawyer Referral and Information Services (LRIS) is where our members and the public directly intersect. We provide the assistance that members of the community turn to when determining if professional legal guidance is required, and when it is, we offer referrals to member attorneys who are experienced in the field of practice required. This is an effective means of advocating for the legal profession, addressing public needs, and fostering strong and ongoing relationships between attorneys and clients.

Public Service

WCBA is committed to giving back to the community, and our members regularly inspire creative and enriching ways of doing so. Such as our robust probate counseling program offering legal advice to the community monthly, as well as our newly established family law assistance clinic in partnership with Michigan Advocacy Program, Legal Services of South Central Michigan, and the Washtenaw County Friend of the Court.

New Lawyers Welcome

Bridging the divide between law school and practice can be daunting right out of school, but membership in the WCBA helps set you up for success. If you’ve been practicing for fewer than ten years, WCBA membership automatically means membership in the New Lawyers section.

Professional Publications

WCBA’s bi-monthly journal, Res Ipsa Loquitur, is published by and for WCBA members. This is in addition to a complimentary subscription to the weekly Washtenaw County Legal News. Both publications represent a trusted voice regarding current legal issues, practice pointers, and association activities – as well as scheduling information and notifications regarding workshops, CLE seminars, and other upcoming events.

Membership Meetings

The WCBA holds social functions and dinner meetings six or seven times a year. These events are an excellent opportunity for legal professionals to come together in a relaxed, informal setting that inspires networking, exploration of trending legal topics, problem solving, and personal connections.

The WCBA offers profound member benefits that can help balance one’s personal experiences with those of the wider legal community, which can prove invaluable.

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