Annual Award Dinner and Election - April 12, 2018

Our Annual Award Dinner & Election was attended by over 80 members and their guests! John A. Shea received our Patriot Award. Our 2018-2019 Board of Directors took the oath of office which was administered by Washtenaw County Trial Court Chief Judge David Swartz. The term for the 2018-2019 board starts on July 1, 2018. Twenty-two WCBA past presidents were in attendance! List of past presidents (year of presidency) in attendance: Ed Pear (1979-1980), Peter Flintoft (1982-1983), Monika Sacks (1987-1988), Hon. David Swartz (1988-1989), Bob Gillett (1993-1994), Tom Daniels (1997-1998), Hon. Cedric Simpson (1999-2000), Lori Buiteweg (2000-2001), Doug Lewis (2002-2003), Tom Bourque (2004-2005), Erane Washington (2005-2006), Véronique Liem (2006-2007), John Reiser (2007-2008), Hon. Karen Quinlan Valvo (2008-2009), Brad MeLampy (2009-2010), Ashwin Patel (2010-2011), Peter Falkenstein (2011-2012), Hon. Patrick Conlin, Jr. (2012-2013), Delphia Simpson (2013-2014), Matt Jane (2014-2015), Greg Dodd (2015-2016) and Elizabeth Kitchen-Troop (2016-2017). It was a wonderful evening! Photos courtesy of Washtenaw County Legal News- Frank Weir, Photographer.

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