2nd Annual Trivia Night & Silent Auction - February 23, 2017

Wow...our 2nd Annual Trivia Night & Silent Auction was a huge success! 100 WCBA members and guests enjoyed a delicious taco bar, much socializing, donating to our Law & Justice Fund through our Silent Auction (Thank you, Jennifer Lawrence, for organizing our Silent Auction!) and wine shuffle, and playing a competitive yet friendly game of trivia!!! The Simon Says team consisting of Hon. Patrick Conlin, Jr., John Kline, John Reiser, Kelly Roberts, Orlando Simon, Ashwin Patel, Frank Weir, Tom Bourque, Joy Gaines, and Kathleen Brown won the Trivia Competition!! Catherine & Douglas McClure took home the Philanthropy Award with a very generous donation!! Nicholas Roumel was the lucky person choosing the $75 bottle of wine in our wine shuffle!! A fabulous time was had by all!! Thank you to Frank Weir for the wonderful photos documenting our fantastic evening!

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