Meet and Greet Our Judges - January 19, 2017

About 50 WCBA members attended our Meet and Greet with Hon. Archie C. Brown, Hon. Patrick J. Conlin, Jr. and Hon. Darlene A. O'Brien. It was a wonderful evening of getting to know our judges better, socializing and networking! We thank our judges for making the time for our event! We also thank our New Lawyers Section Co-Chairs, Alexander Hermanowski and Samuel Bernstein & our Family Law Section Co-Chairs, Jessica Pospiech and Parisa Ghazaeri for organizing this event.

Parisa Jesssica Brown O'Brien Conlin Bersntein HermanowskiHohman Kitchen-Troop Martell Meisel Sappenfield JoffeParisa EKT StefanieJoshi Brown

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